I love it when people ask me “How do you do this?!”

I love it even more when it is coming from someone who does something I can’t fathom or make sense of (doctors, accountants, preschool teachers, people who fly to Ghana to teach kids…)

There are so many people in the world doing so many amazing things, and yet… we wonder at one another’s ability to do the things we ourselves simply can’t.

And to me, this is the universal proof that we are each of us meant to follow our own path… in the hopes of arriving at (perhaps) some collective betterment of mankind.

Which is why, as when those very same people ask me about the theatrical process, I tell them that, much like any grand accomplishment, it takes a village.

It’s not enough to have an idea, you need the encouragement to pursue it.

It’s not enough to put words to page, you need the mentorship to help you sculpt it.

It’s not enough to write a thing, you need eyes and ears to experience it.

And then you sit down and get to work at making that thing better.

Because if you’re patient, if you’re tenacious, if you keep at it and keep at it and keep at it… that thing of yours just might come to life.

A painter might get an exhibition, a cellist might get a concert, and a playwright might get a production…

…Which is when all the other villagers truly roll up their sleeves; all believing in the magic of your imagination.  This is when they commit to helping deliver this egg of yours to the masses (be it twelve noble ticket holders or hordes of Broadway die-hards)

And you sit in awe and wonder of this living, breathing, writhing beast of theater taking shape before you – a beautiful exquisite beast…

Yes, it takes a friggin’ village.

And that’s why I founded Little Black Dress Ink.

Tiffany Antone is a playwright, director, educator and producer who’s plays have been read and/or performed in Los Angeles, New York, D.C., and Minneapolis.  Her plays Ana and the Closet and Twigs and Bone were both Jerome Finalists and O’Neil semi-finalists for 2009 & 2010.  Her play, In the Company of Jane Doe, has won numerous awards and was produced in NY in 2012.  Jane Doe and her Here and Now Project plays (HowlRound.com) are available at Indie Theater Now. Her play The Good Book is available through Samuel French.  Tiffany was a 2008 Hawthornden Fellow and a 2009 Sherwood Award Finalist with CTG.  She holds her MFA in Playwriting from UCLA, writes for stage/screen, and is a contributing blogger for The Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative.  She is also co-artistic director of The@trics Theater.  Tiffany spends her (limited) free time writing and dealing with the obnoxious laundry‐village in her bedroom that never seems to go away.


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