by Tiffany Antone


We did it.

And I’m so happy.

When I  spoke with Jon Meyer at the Prescott Fine Arts/soon-to-be/Prescott Center for the Arts about the possibility of producing Dirty Laundry, he was overwhelmingly supportive and immediately set to partnering with Little Black Dress INK on this fantastic voyage.  Little did either one of us know (or even dare to dream) just how amazing and successful a venture the show would be.

You see, we nearly sold out both shows on Saturday, we brought in an impressive number of clothing and diaper donations for PAWS, and we made some amazing new friends…

Because this community is a generous, supportive, and energized one – and it was wonderful to see so many faces laughing and gasping in the audience, to see so many faces shining on stage, and to see so many playwrights toasting our humble home for doing their plays proud.

We were honored to have all of the playwrights in attendance.




I never thought for an instant they would all be able to attend (six coming from LA as they did), and my cheeks literally hurt from all the laughter we spent this weekend, celebrating.

And so it is with a full heart and happy spirit that I give thanks to everyone who made this show ROCK- the actors, directors, back stage magicians (there were a lot of set changes and you handled them beautifully), playwrights (near and far), and the audience members.

Thank you for celebrating Female Playwrights with us- I can’t wait to do this again!

(pictures below from our dress rehearsal)


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