Impending WOW

By Tiffany Antone, playwright and festival coordinator

I’ve been known – on occasion – to bite off more than I can chew (The flurry of frenzied multi-tasking I’ve been trying to maintain these past two months is a prime example) but even amidst all the recent sleepless nights, there has been an underlying conviction that it’s all worth it… because I love what I do, and I love being able to share it with others.

This year’s bevy of super talented directors and actors have been a joy to share From the Mouths of Babes with.  They’ve put in such time, energy, and passion that I continue to be amazed that Prescott’s PCA is really community theater – their artists are consummate professionals.  It is my deepest joy to have been able to work on this festival with them!

And the playwrights!  My God, the playwrights… the playwrights who wrote such amazing, poignant, laugh-out-loud pieces and then polished and polished to turn in rewrites… who skyped/emailed/old-school-dialed/and otherwise maintained sparkly contact with their directors… and many of which are traveling to Prescott as we speak, in order to be here for the festival tomorrow…  These ladies are amazing.  They’re talented, funny and passionate people with whom I am deeply honored to be working.

Which isn’t to say this whole event isn’t also a TON of work!  Love-fest aside, I’m tired and feeling the stress of the “NEED TO GET IT ALL DONE”ness like you wouldn’t believe – but it’s the kind of thing that feeds the creative soul… and the soul needs to be fed.

So I just want to thank everyone involved, from the bottom of my heart – and wish us all an excellent show!


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