Last chance to see our ONSTAGE 2017 Festival in action!

There are a couple of TRULY awesome people in Los Angeles – well, there are more than just a couple, but today we’re focusing on one awesome couple in particular: Katherine James and Alan Blumenfeld!

Katherine is a multiple-times ONSTAGE alum/director/and actor, and her husband, Alan, is an incredible actor who has shared his talents in a number of ONSTAGE readings!  They also happen to be two of the nicest, most joyful, and enthusiastic human beings on the planet – so to have them helming our final reading of 2017 ONSTAGE plays is, like, truly the best kind of partnership.

The final line-up for our 2017 ONSTAGE festival was probably one play too long, but I couldn’t help myself… so here are the 12 winning plays/monologues you can look forward to hearing at 7pm on Jan 15th (in conjunction with International Women’s Voices Day… a bit early) at the Zephyr Theatre.  The reading is FREE, and sure to be a great night!

Boxes are Magic, by Allie Costa
Spark, by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
The Worst of All Evils, by Philana Omorotionmwan
Zero-Six-Two-Eight (monologue), by Katherine James
Evolution Fast Track, by Micki Shelton
Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory, by Anne Flanagan
Co-workers, by C.J. Ehrlich
Linda (monologue), by Diana Burbano
Hot/Mess by Jen Huszcza
Mommy Knows Best (monologue), by Tiffany Antone
Fruit Salad of Shame, Ellen Davis Sullivan
Educated Fleas Do It, by Karen Loseff Lothan

Stay in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter for more info about our multi-state Jan 21st reading of 2018 ONSTAGE semi-finalists!

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