ONSTAGE 2017 Semi-Finalists!

It’s finally here… the 2017 ONSTAGE Semi-Finalist list!

We had so many great plays and monologues submitted this year, and we want to thank all of the playwrights who submitted work and participated in our peer review – you ladies ROCK!

Our Minneapolis reading already took place, but you will be able to catch readings of them over the next few months in Sedona, AZ; Prescott, AZ; Jacksonville, AL; and Los Angeles, CA!  We’ll be posting more information about each location, along with dates, in the coming weeks.  Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this year’s list of fab female playwrights:

Apocalypse Fatigue, by Jodie Leidecker

Benchwarmer, by Miranda Ray

Bird, by Kira Rockwell

Bodega Pricing, by Reina Hardy

Boxes Are Magic, by Allie Costa

Co-Workers, by CJ Ehrlich

Even Educated Fleas Do It, by Karen Loseff Lothan

Evolution Fast Track, by Micki Shelton

Full Circle, by Mikki Russ

Gel Us, by Paige Zubel

Hijab, by Andrea Fleck Clardy

Hot/Mess, by Jen Huszcza

Interview With An Old Bitch, by Susan C. Forrest

Just Deal, by Robin Brooks

Killing Barbie, by Sharon Goldner

Lesbian Lipstick, by Allison L. Fradkin


Linda, by Diana Burbano

Mel and Mona, by Suzanne Bailie

Mommy Knows Best, by Tiffany Antone

My Pretty Pink Rifle, by Jennifer Walton

Pebbles to Butterflies, by Kate Hawkes

Priorities, byTeresa Peterson

Pusherman, by Kay Phillips

Snakes, by Jen Huszcza

Something Wicked, by Elizabeth Coplan

Spark, by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich

Springful, by Bex Frankeberger

Take Me, by Esther Marcella Hoffmann

The Fruit Salad of Shame, by Ellen Davis Sullivan

The Scorpion and The Songbird, by Marguerite Louise Scott

The Worst of All Evils, by Philana Omorotionmwan

Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory, by Anne Flanagan

What’ll It Be?, by Amber Bosworth

Zero-Six-Two-Eight, by Katherine James




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