ONSTAGE 2018: Spotlight on Red Herring Productions

Every  year I look forward to our Partner Producer roll-call process!  We’ve had the good fortune to work with so many awesome theatre companies and producers, that I almost can’t believe it.  This year we have quite a few new partners to cheer on and thank – so we’ll be posting “Spotlight On…” series to give them the applause they deserve.

Up first is Red Herring Productions in Columbus, OH.

Red Herring Productions is dedicated to creating artistic works that are profound, provocative, and professional while providing artists with the resources to surpass their own boundaries and enrich the broader community. We perform primarily in Franklinton Playhouse whose mission is to serve as an incubator space for emerging performance artists, becoming a Columbus, Ohio destination point, stimulating community growth and driving economic development. With Red Herring’s Pay-What-You-Want policy for its productions and in conjunction with Art of Yoga, who shares the playhouse space, we take the arts and movement into our neighborhood, offering free movement classes in schools and community centers near us.

We got connected to Red Herring Productions through playwright Rebecca Zelanin who responded with a hearty “YES!” when we asked if any of this year’s playwrights wanted to put on their producing boots as well.  Huzzah, Rebecca – YOU ROCK!

Red Herring will be reading the following pieces on January 21st at 2pm at the Franklinton Playhouse in Columbus, OH.

Color ED, by Philana Omorotionmwan – Athens, OH
Peggy, by Paula Goldberg – Dallas, Texas
No History, by Susan Goodell – Weston CT
Only One Letter Short, by Karen Loseff Lothan – Chicago, Illinois
Performance Review, by Nedra Pezold Roberts – Atlanta, Georgia
Recipe for a Play, by Rebecca Zelanin – Grove City, Ohio
Exceeding The Purchasable Calories, by Rhea MacCallum – Downey, CA
Virtuous Reality, by Hortense Gerardo – Boston/MA

Congratulations to our awesome playwrights, and a huge Thank You! to Rebecca, Red Herring Productions, and Franklinton Playhouse!


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