ONSTAGE Playwrights 2016: Meet Rachel Hall

Talk about small worlds!  Rachel hails from Houston and is friends with one of last year’s playwrights, Kira Rockwell (author of With My Eyes Shut).  Because of this connection, Rachel attended last year’s reading at Samuel French Bookshop in LA, and thought to herself “I want to play!” and lo and behold, her piece The Moon is one of this year’s winning plays!  It’s also the second piece this year to be comprised of a few scenes we get to sprinkle throughout the line up, providing a lovely contrast to Anne Flanagan‘s Thrown for a Curve scenelets.  I’m so excited to have this fabulous playwright in the line-up!

Stephanie Girard PhotographyTitle of Play: 
The Moon

Why did you decide to submit your work to the ONSTAGE Project? 
I wanted to take the leap and put my work out there in the world.

Describe your writing space: A coffee shop. One that’s not so quiet I notice every person who blinks, and not so noisy I can’t hear myself think.

If you could have lunch with any playwright alive or dead, who would it be and what would you have for lunch?
John Cariani- We’d have brunch for lunch- mimosas included.

Why do you write for theatre?
I enjoy writing for theatre because I feel you can explore characters more thoroughly. I also really enjoy writing dialogue, which lends itself well to playwriting. Not to mention there’s nothing like getting to be a part of something live 🙂

Who is your favorite fictional character of all time and why?
Eliza Thornberry. She was brave and adventurous and had a pet monkey who could talk.

Do you have any upcoming productions elsewhere that our readers should know about?
Not at the moment!

Please share the synopsis for a full-length of yours that our readers should know about!
It’s called Spooning, Piranhas, and Life with a Mother. The title is almost self-explanatory.

More about Rachel:

Rachel Hall is a writer from Houston, Texas. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Grant where she pursues playwriting, children’s literature, and spoken word poetry. Rachel holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from Baylor University, and spent time at both the National Theatre Institute and the St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy.

Don’t miss Rachel’s play, July 14-16, at Acadiana Repertory Theatre’s production of this year’s ONSTAGE Festival: Curves Ahead.

Curves Ahead -ART

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