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Female Playwrights ONSTAGE cropWe have so many awesome and wonderful women working with on our 2015 ONSTAGE Fest this year, that we can hardly stand it (and you can bet your sweet bippy we’ll be singing their praises a plenty as we move forward with all of our awesome semi-finalist readings).

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of where our semi-finalists will be read:

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Producer Kate Bergstrom with Stripped Scripts
An Announcement by Nancy Cooper Frank
Chicken Shoot by Jennie Webb
Edna and Furber by Patricia Mew
If I Were a Man by Mercedes Segesvary
Muse Me by Katherine James
Tweak by Diane Sampson

SEDONA, AZ – Producer Kate Hawkes with Red Earth Theatre
Bottom Line by Melanie Ewbank
Down There by Sharon Goldner
Green Dog by Delia Whitehead
Senor Adria by Anne Dimock
This by Jen Huszcza
Winter Light by Christine Foster

AMES, IA – Producer Charissa Menefee with Iowa State
A Thousand and One by Mary S. Parisoe
Three Lessons In Living  by Amy Schleunes
Running Lines by Jen Huszcza
Ephemera by Beth Kander
My Heart & I  by Jaisey Bates
Nothing in Particular  by Rhea MacCallum

ITHACA, NY – Producers Darcy Martin Rose with Acting Out NY, and Cynthia Henderson with Performing Arts for Social Change
Striae by Denise St. Pierre
Secondhand Gifts by C.J. Ehrlich
Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eugenie Carabatsos
Survival Strategy by Donna Hoke
The Feast by Celine Song
Time Slot by Kay Poiro

AUBURN, AL – Producer Amber Hanel with Sculpted Entertainment
Blue Light by Molly Pease
For Anyone Who Cares by Hannah Baker
Nonsynchronous Reflection   by Susan Goodell
Pythagorian Triplets by Bridgette Dutta Portman
The Exchange by Katherine Koller
With my Eyes Shut by Kira Rockwell

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Producer Anne Bertram with Theatre Unbound
(This reading took place on Tuesday, March 10)
Slut by Nayna Agrawal
The Shoebox by Anne Hamilton
Working Late by Rachael Brogan Flannery
After the Chicken Dance by Jaclyn Grogan
At the Gates of the House of the Mother of Waters by Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Solo Journeys by Kirsten Van Ritzen


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