We’re Not Playing: a new play by C.J. Ehrlich

Not PlayingC.J. Ehrlich wowed last year’s ONSTAGE playwrights and audiences with her hilariously sweet play, THE LILAC TICKET.  It sailed through the peer review process with incredible scores, and then touched our audiences’ hearts in a way that was really wonderful.  So when she said “Hey, I wrote this piece in reaction to the election…” I got really excited – and then I read it and was like “Whoa, C.J. is totally my kind of ornery!” 

The play is out there in the best possible way – because in absurd but tragic situations (like the one our country is now in), absurd theatre can drive points home in a way that is at once entertaining and galvanizing.  Check out C.J.’s play below and I think you’ll agree that this is a piece worth seeing on its feet (so why not join us in taking theatrical action?  Check out how you can participate HERE)


CJ ELike many, I was stunned when a bully, of such low character, so transparently self-serving, was somehow able to lie his way into winning a national election. I still can’t accept that this shell of a man may have the power to essentially strip our country naked and tie it to a wild horse. (But let me tell you how I really feel.) Prior to the election I’d attended an EMT training on Radiation Emergencies. Then I heard some Philip Glass. The rest wrote itself.


Check out our 2016 interview with C.J. HERE.

You can read more plays from the We’re Not Playing Initiative (and join the fight!) HERE.


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