We’re Not Playing: a new play by Kate Hawkes

Not PlayingKate Hawkes has participated in all 5 of our ONSTAGE festivals either as a playwright, director, actress, or producer, so she’s kind of one of our favorite people ever!  She’s just an absolute force of creative energy with a kick ass growing theatre company of her own in Sedona, AZ – Red Earth Theatre.  Two weeks ago, she sent me her play, PEBBLES TO BUTTERFLIES, and it took my breath away.  The play focuses on the futility of language – particularly when engulfed in so many feeelings as to feel exhausted just from naming them.  It’s truly a lovely play about an important issue many of us are facing – how do we process all that is weighing us down during such a trying time?

A few words on PEBBLES TO BUTTERFLIES from Kate:

bigkate(1)‘Pebbles to Butterflies’ is really (I think) a scene in a full length play that has been rattling about in my head. I had spent some time researching butterflies in myth and legend and found themes of new life, transformation and souls. I have also been thinking about the danger? temptation? to return the energy coming at us, use language about the ‘other’ than in fact makes us the ‘other’.  Plus I have a friend who is mired in his feelings of fear, grief and anger and hopes to find a way out soon. So, I gave him a butterfly.

You can read more about Kate at www.WellnessWithKate.com

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