We’re Not Playing: Three new plays by Allie Costa

Not PlayingWell, what can I say?  Sometimes a playwright whom you admire sends you a handful of plays because she writes about current social/political/economic issues all the time and your brain kind of stops in stunned silence at the power of all of her pieces.  What’s left to do but share them ALL?  Because Allie Costa is talented enough to make each of these plays feel necessary and awesome at the same time.  Thank you, Allie, for sharing your words with us – I can’t wait to hear these babies aloud (and I’d love to SEE them as well!)

Because Allie wrote on so many subjects (I’m going to post a few more next week!) I asked her to tell us a little about why she focuses on important and complex social issues – obviously they’re important to her, but I have to admit to writing about issues sometimes, and then writing about existentialist chickens the next, so I can’t take credit for the same kind of work.  Do yourself a favor and read Allie’s beautiful works – you won’t regret it! – then check out the other plays in our We’re Not Playing Initiative.

A few words from Allie:

allie_costa_pink8I am passionate about gender equality, justice, diversity, identity, and autonomy, and I aim to shine the light on these topics in a creative, compassionate, and constructive way. I hope my work encourages people to embrace their potential, and to find strength and hope. I also hope it helps them see to the heart of the matter, and to start a conversation that makes for a more positive and inclusive world, both on stage/on screen and off.


You can read more from Allie HERE.

Find out more about the We’re Not Playing Initiative HERE.



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