(I’ll continue to update this FAQ with pertinent questions/answers as I receive them)

Q – I’d like to invite male playwrights to write plays for the initiative at our theatre company.  Is that ok?

A – In keeping with our mission, LBDI will continue to only publish plays written by women on our site, but we absolutely believe there are many a male playwright with words worth hearing.  Thus, we have no objection to (and in fact are totally in support of) male playwrights participating at your theater – we just ask that you commit to a 50/50 gender parity balance of playwrights in support our mission.

Q – I’ve picked a list of plays and some are from the LBDI website… what do I do now?

A – Great question!

  1. Let us know!  We will want to shout out all over the place that you are an awesome artist activist (and we’ll want to let everyone know that they can attend a reading in your area)
  2. Contact the playwrights whose work you want to read.  (We will be posting contact information for our playwrights on their play pages – if you can’t find it, email me and I’ll make sure you get it!)  Please do let the playwright know that you’ve selected their play for your reading – not only will it let them know that their work moved you, but they will then also be able to help promote your reading through their social media circles!

Q – I don’t have a theater, but I want to present some plays in my city.  Is it okay to do a reading in an unconventional space?

A – Absolutely!  Theater can (and should) happen anywhere, and readings are even easier to host in creative places.  We’ve had great success with readings in coffee shops, galleries, parks… we even hosted a reading in a bar (to varied success… everyone had a great time, but not every word was well-heard).  So don’t let lack of a “real” stage stop you!

Q – I haven’t produced a reading before… do you have any tips?

A- Readings are best when they’re kept simple: Have your actors stand or sit where they can be seen and let them hold their scripts, or use music stands so that their hands are free.  Make sure you have someone on hand to read necessary stage directions.  And don’t underestimate the power of snacks on your audience!  (Wine is even more powerful, LOL,  and a great way to drum up donations)  And don’t be afraid to email us with your questions!  We want you to feel empowered to rock this baby!

Still have questions?  Email us Info@LittleBlackDressINK.org





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