When I began Little Black Dress INK, I knew I wanted to create a platform for discussion and means for production – a place where female playwrights could meet up, engage  in purposeful dialogue, and see actual results.

I was tired of sitting around writing with seemingly little power to do anything else.

Then I realized that I did have the power to do more… a whole lot more.

Which is when I created the Dirty Laundry New Play Festival, partnered with the Prescott Center for the Arts, and invited their multi-talented pool of artists to help me bring 9 new plays by 9 female playwrights to life.

2011 Festival

It was a great success.

And it whet my appetite for more.  So, LBDI dubbed this now annual event the Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project,  with year two’s theme being “From the Mouths of Babes”.  It too was a success, with playwrights and community alike embracing the celebratory nature of the fest.

But while we love our Prescott home, the real goal of the festival is to get more female playwrights heard and seen in more locations. And so we took some time off in 2013 to redefine the Project’s intent and took steps to help the Project grow.

And it’s working!

I’m pleased to say we’re currently in phase three of the Female Playwrights ONSTAGE project, with female playwrights and partner producers currently toiling away at new plays for our 2016 Festival.  This year’s theme is “Curves Ahead”.  Each participating playwright has a share in the responsibility of evaluating the plays and determining the final line-up.

2012 Festival

Just as before, the festival will benefit a women’s charity.  Just as before, we will rely on local talent to help us bring these works to life.

Only now we’re doing it in eight different cities with readings and performances slated for Los Angeles, CA; Ithaca, NY; New York, NY; Lafayette, LA; Sedona and Prescott, AZ; Auburn, AL; and Aimes, IA.

And, as before, the playwrights will be blogging about their experience on the Little Black Dress INK blog.  Development-wise, they’ll also have the chance to do revisions as the plays travel, should they desire, since we’ll be streaming the readings online for our playwrights.

In other words, we’re serious about making this a great experience for everyone involved!

I’m very excited to see this event grow!  We reach more audiences with every new playwright and theatre company who participates.  This year we are Planting the Seed Fest Posterthrilled to have the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative on board (again – because they’re awesome) as a support organization, and there’s still time for you to join in the fun!

If you’re a playwright, theatre organization, or a producer who wants to get involved in this very exciting event, please contact Tiffany at info@LittleBlackDressINK.org.  The more producers and theaters who are willing to host a reading or production, the more female playwrights we get to produce.  Let’s spread the awesomeness!



4 Responses to ONSTAGE Project

  1. This is so exciting, and I’m having a great time working on my play to meet the Feb 15th submission deadline. Hope I my newest baby gets to be a part of this. SO pleased with what my cast did with my play last year. 10 hours straight sitting at my computer writing yesterday. A day well spent!

  2. Very pleased to see that there is some small but significant theatre movement in this region. I hope the best for all of you. You’re doing something good and important, Tiffany.


    • admin says:

      Thank you, Mr. Solis! Tremendously pleased that you stopped by the site to wish us well.
      With Gratitude and Admiration ~ T

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