Announcing the 2019 Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Fest – submit your play here!

Holy cow, we’re excited to announce our 2019 Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival is now accepting submissions!  We can’t wait too see what kick-ass plays/monologues get shared with us this year!  Please make sure you read the following submission guidelines before submitting – our submission window closes Aug. 15 2018.

Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival Submission Guidelines:

  • Playwrights must be female/identify as female
  • Plays/monologues must be less than 10 minutes in length.  (8 minutes or less is even better)
  • Plays need to fit the festival theme.
  • By submitting to our festival, you agree to participate in Little Black Dress INK’s unique Peer Review process.
    • You *may* submit up to 3 pieces – BUT, every submission adds you to another peer review group, so make sure you have time to make the added commitment. This means…
      • If you enter 1 play/monologue, you will be asked to read/evaluate 10 plays/monologues
      • If you enter 2 plays/monologues, you will be put into two review groups, meaning you will be asked to read/evaluate 20 plays/monologues.  (3 submissions – the MAX = 30 plays/monologues to read/evaluate)
  • We love unique, colorful, messy, and unusual plays.  We love monologues.  We also adore short 10-minute playlets comprised of multiple scenes.  We’ve been doing this for 8 years now, so don’t be afraid to surprise us with plays we may not have seen before.  And above all, have fun!
  • Now that you’ve read our guidelines, click HERE to access our submission form!

*Remember, we will only be accepting plays from July 1st – Aug 15th,
so make sure you get your work in soon.*

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