Some of the Plays…

Mikki Russ in Philana Omorotionmwan’s THE WORST OF ALL EVILS

Julie Chavez Harrington in Diana Burbano’s LINDA

Ali Cassidy, Julie Chaves Harrington and Karen Murphy in Mikki Shelton’s EVOLUTION FAST TRACK

Layla Tenney and Elaine Woods in ALlie Costa’s BOXES ARE MAGIC

Rebecca Olmsted, Angi Bryan, and Linda Fine in Barbara Blumenthal Ehrlich’s FRUIT SALAD OF SHAME

Kevin Goss and Karen Murphy in Karen Lothan’s EVEN EDUCATED FLEAS DO IT



POP by Jen Huszcza, featuring Don Langford and John Bryan


Layla Tenney in Thomas, by Rachel Brogan-Flannery


Lore Christensen in Jennie Webb’s On Tuesday


Rinse by Jen Huszcza w/Dino Palazzi and Sean Jeralds


She Says, She Says by Katherine James
 w/Heather Sears & Megan Tenney

Dirty Laundry 7

Ring Around the Collar by Shanee Ewdards  w/Jim Adams and Laura Prosseda


Dirty Laundry 4

Mona Lisa, Approximately by Charlotte Winters w/Don Langford and Lore Christensen


The Face in the Mirror by Micki Shelton w/Kate Hawkes and Gail Mangham



(touch.) by Sara Israel w/Vivian Cook, Phillip Matosich, Angie Bryan, & Clint Slay


Looking for a Miracle by Karen Murphy w/Karen Murphy and Jean Maissen

Looking for a Miracle by Karen Murphy w/Karen Murphy and Jean Maissen






Babes in the Wood by Kate Hawkes, w/Ered Mathew, Melody Startzel and Allison Elliot

Dirty Laundry 6

Sour Fruit by Tiffany Antone
 featuring Marnie Uhl, Glen Velguth
, Jonathan Perpich &Sean Jeralds







Little Black Dress Party Pics

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SAM_0569 SAM_0543 SAM_0541












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