Announcing the 2016 ONSTAGE Semi-Finalists

Wow, we have been so busy over here at Little Black Dress INK!  We had almost 200 scripts submitted this year, and some incredible peer-reviews—so we are feeling incredibly grateful to everyone who shared their work, time, and talents with us!


We also had a new Partner Producer join us, meaning we could select 40 semi-finalists this year, and with that in mind, we’ve created an exciting line up of short dramas, comedies, and monologues!  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the 2016 ONSTAGE Semi-Finalists:

Asking For It  by Rhea MacCallum
Bazookas  by Sharon Goldner
Big Belly  by Jen Huszcza
Box Cameras  by Christine Foster
Cleavage  by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Creme Filling  by Jo-Anne Walton
Dangling by Deneen Reynolds-Knott
Don’t Just Sit There!  by Diane Sampson
Empty Beds  by Alex Rubin
Future Girl Visits Barbie’s Mom  by Ellen Davis Sullivan
Grit  by Jane Ann Crum
Gun Play by Jennifer Walton
Here, There Be Curves by Amber Bosworth
Hospice: A Love Story  by Elizabeth Coplan
I Only Cried Twice by Erica Bennett
In the Loop by Nancy Cooper Frank
Jack Pork  by Donna Hoke
Low & Away  by Demetra Kareman
Members Only  by Jennifer Tromble
Model Behavior  by Amy Drake
Muse by Anne Hamilton
Old School  by Melanie Ewbank
Pinned  by Alice Stanley Jr.
Reading Signs  by Marilynn Barner Anselmi
Shirley MacLaine  by Annie Wood
Shopping with Bev and Niki  by Karen Murphy
Stak  by Stacy D. Tanner
The Egg  by Tiffany Antone
The Great Tit  by Gretchen O’Halloran
The Hike  by Micki Shelton
The Lilac Ticket  by C.J. Ehrlich
The Moon  by Rachel Hall
The Plan  by Katherine James
The Fall of Autumn Summers  by Karli Shields
The Unlimited-Year-Long-Class-Pack  by Erin Austin
Thrown for a Curve  by Anne Flanagan
Till It’s Over  by Jennie Webb
Time Loop  by Reina Hardy
Tomorrow, We Will be Stronger  by Kira Rockwell
Waterfall  by Katherine Koller
Write This Way  by Donna Hoke

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