Calling for A NIGHT OF FURIES!

Our administration’s blatant disregard for women’s voices has me bubbling over, and I know I’m not alone.  That’s why Little Black Dress INK and Protest Plays Project are calling on theatremakers to participate in A NIGHT OF FURIES, offering furious women+ everywhere a chance to let their fury out!

This isn’t a call for scripts, this is a call for action – and we invite you to have fun creating your event.  Maybe it’s a night of readings, or of spoken word poetry, or a night of collective screaming set to kick-ass music.  Maybe it’s a night of food and discussion and catharsis… We hope there is catharsis.  We hope there is community.  And we hope there is a dedication to not only let this rage out, but to channel it to the Voting Booth in November.

So please join us in finding a space in which to create SOMETHING that helps let loose the fury inside!  Events can take place anywhere/anytime before Nov. 6th – or they can take place on Nov 6th!  Raise money for a women’s charity or a non-traditional candidate running in your district… Create a cabaret, an open mic night, or a reading of a play that encapsulates what so many of us are feeling right now… the sky’s the limit.

Register your event with us, so we can give you shout-outs and keep track of who is participating.  And please share the invitation/spread the word!

Register your event below
& we will
SHOUT IT OUT from the rooftops!

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