Waco Recap and Pics!

Wow – there is something to be said for direct ratio of sleep one gets to the tasks one is juggling.  I had a WONDERFUL time directing this weekend’s reading in Waco, TX, but I have to admit: I’m only just now coming back on-line.

Fortunately, the reading went so well that I spent Monday in happy repose 🙂

We had a small but enthusiastic turn out in Waco – and our audience left wanting to see more new works read.  (cue happy dance!)  Marla Dean, one of our ONSTAGE semi-finalists drove up from Austin, and we were SO happy to have her in the audience as the actors reading her play, The Environmentalists, rocked our socks off.


Susan Anderson (Actor), Marla Dean (Playwright), and Karen Savage (Actor)

I did manage to snap a few pics of the reading from the sidelines, so I’ll paste those below, but first I just want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in Sunday’s reading.  And if you’re wondering how the reading went in Santa Barbara, please check out Playwright, Katherine Jame’s awesome write up HERE.

Special Thanks to the Waco Civic Theatre for welcoming us and giving us a lovely theater in which to work!

Waco Planting the Seed Read 1

Cason Murphy (Stage Directions), with Susan Anderson and Karen Savage in Marla Dean’s THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS

Waco Planting the Seed Read 2

Naomi Paulino (Stage Directions) with Beauen Bogner, Cason Murphy and Karen Savage in Jen Huszcza’s FLOWERS.

Waco Planting the Seed Read 4

Cason Murphy, Beauen Bogner, Barbara Bridgewater, and Karen Savage (Stage Directions) in Tiffany Antone’s FANCY TOMATOES

While we head into our final two readings (May 4th in Ithaca, NY and Sedona, AZ) we’re narrowing down our Finalists and hope to announce them next week so stay tuned!

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