Announcing our 2018 ONSTAGE Semi-Finalists!

Wowzers… The 2018 Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival: Volume Control line-up is super awesome!   We have a few familiar faces, but also a whole lot of new names, and even a few out-of-country playwrights on the list!  The quality of work this year is seriously impressive, and I know our Partner Producers are going to have a heck of time trying to narrow down which pieces they’ll present at their readings this Spring!

Speaking of Partner Producers, the next stage of our exciting 2018 ONSTAGE Festival will see readings of plays below at various locations across the country – some of which will be happening on International Women’s Voices Day in connection with Women’s Theatre Voices Festival.

We’ll post more about our Partner Producers soon, but till we do, please help the FABULOUS Female Playwrights below celebrate their awesome work with all the shout out and and high-cyber-fives you can muster!  #FemalePlaywrightsROCK!


Camping Out, by Anne Flanagan – Los Angeles, CA

Cherchez La Femme, by Julia Pascal – London, England.

Coat of Gold, by Susan Jackson – San Francisco, CA

Color ED, by Philana Omorotionmwan – Athens, OH

Exceeding The Purchasable Calories, by Rhea MacCallum – Downey, CA

Happy Single Me, by Victoria Goring – CA

Jitterbug, by Micki Shelton – Prescott, AZ

Life Lines, by Donna Hoke – East Amherst, NY

No History, by Susan Goodell – Weston CT

One Loud Little Chicken, by Nancy Cooper Frank – San Francisco, CA

Only One Letter Short, by Karen Loseff Lothan – Chicago, Illinois

Our Golden Years, by Sally Stubbs – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Out To Pasture, by Melanie Ewbank – Prescott, AZ

Peggy, by Paula Goldberg – Dallas, Texas

Performance Review, by Nedra Pezold Roberts – Atlanta, Georgia

Period Piece, by Esther Marcella Hoffmann – Mankato/MN

Pulling A Rabbit, by Sharon Goldner – Baltimore, MD

Recipe for a Play, by Rebecca Zelanin – Grove City, Ohio

Shoes, by Jen Huszcza – Los Angeles, CA

Tax Date, by Julieta Vitullo – Indianola WA

The Bees Are Watching, by C.J. Ehrlich – Chappaqua, NY

The Potato and the Wax, by Chelsea Sutton – Studio City, CA

This Noise, by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield – Oxford, England, UK

Unstageable, by Lila Dupree – Los Angeles, CA

Virtuous Reality, by Hortense Gerardo – Boston/MA


Food is Love, by Katherine Koller – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Karaoke Grandma, by Judith Pratt – New York

Margaret Knight’s Battle Rap; 1871, by Anne Flanagan – Los Angeles, CA

Ten Ways to Wear Red Lipstick, by Sharon Goldner – Baltimore, MD

The Letter, by Sage Martin – Louisville, KY

Tokyo Love Hotel, by Christine Croyden – Melbourne Australia

Being Mortal, by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield – Oxford, England, UK

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