ONSTAGE 2018: Spotlight on Imagination Theatre

Every  year I look forward to our Partner Producer roll-call process!  We’ve had the good fortune to work with so many awesome theatre companies and producers, that I almost can’t believe it.  This year we have quite a few new partners to cheer on and thank – so we’ll be posting “Spotlight On…” series to give them the applause they deserve!

We have several new Partner Producers this year, which floods me with excitement, and  Imagination Theatre is one of them.  Not only are they bringing ONSTAGE plays to Wisconsin for the first time, but they’re putting the ONSTAGE reading itself to double-use!  In addition to taking place on International Women’s Voices Day, Imagination’s ONSTAGE reading will also collect donations for the Milwaukee Women’s Center.  I LOVE it!  Women’s voices making a difference and creating multiple opportunities for positive impact = kind of everything we’re hoping for!  You can learn more about Imagination Theatre and see the list of plays they’ll be presenting this Sunday, Jan 21st, below.

Imagination Theatre raises awareness of social issues and amplifies the voices of marginalized groups through theatre. Our goal is to create an inclusive, community-centric environment that supports local artists, inspires our diverse community, and sheds light on the issues it faces.

“We have brought quality performances to our audiences over the past 10 years. We also feel that there are many stories that need to be told and can give a voice to those who may not always be heard. Theatre can change the world. It can alter our views and it can make us ponder and question. This kind of thoughtful, provocative theatre is what we hope to bring to our audiences for many years to come!” – Imagination Theatre

Imagination Theatre will be presenting the following plays at 5pm on January 21st at Next Act Theatre’s Performance Space:

  • Exceeding The Purchasable Calories, by Rhea MacCallum – Downey, CA
  • Peggy, by Paula Goldberg – Dallas, TX
  • Period Piece, by Esther Marcella Hoffmann – Mankato, MN
  • Happy Single Me, by Victoria Goring – Los Angeles, CA
  • Performance Review, by Nedra Pezold Roberts – Atlanta, GA
  • This Noise, by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield – Oxford, England, UK
  • CHERCHEZ LA FEMME, by Julia Pascal – London, England, UK
  • Our Golden Years, by Sally Stubbs – Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Camping Out, by Anne Flanagan – Los Angeles, CA
  • No History, by  Susan Goodell – Weston, CT

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