ONSTAGE 2018: Spotlight on the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative

Every  year I look forward to our Partner Producer roll-call process!  We’ve had the good fortune to work with so many awesome theatre companies and producers, that I almost can’t believe it.  This year we have quite a few new partners to cheer on and thank – so we’ll be posting “Spotlight On…” series to give them the applause they deserve!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative!  Created to address gender parity imbalances in LA, the organization has been a huge supporter of the ONSTAGE project from the start.  For the past few years, the LAFPI has presented readings of both semi-finalists and finalists at Samuel French Bookshop under the enthusiastic leadership of LAFPI co-creator (and ONSTAGE alum) Jennie Webb.  I absolutely LOVE these readings.  Not only is it super exciting to have these plays read at freaking Samuel French, but LAFPI members and supporters are all kinds of awesome and enthusiastic – and their is almost always wine!

So, if you’re in LA this weekend, I suggest you get yourself to Samuel French Bookshop for what is going to be a super fun and feisty afternoon of new work!  And in the meantime, you can learn more about the LAFPI below.

The Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative is an LA-based movement working to ensure that women playwrights are fairly represented on local stages, and beyond.  We encourage the involvement of theatermakers and theatergoers who support our goals. We also aim to connect female playwrights living in Los Angeles to other women theater artists, organizations, and the theater community here in LA.  We’re here to support plays by women in Los Angeles, and also the theaters, collaborators and producers who are putting them onstage.  If you’re a female playwright, we want to promote you, help connect you with other theater artists, and be a springboard to facilitate new projects and ideas.  Whether you’re a playwright, theatermaker or theatergoer – male or female – join forces with us!

The LAFPI will be presenting the following plays at 2pm on January 21st at Samuel French Bookshop:

  • Exceeding The Purchasable Calories, by Rhea MacCallum – Downey, CA
  • Happy Single Me, by Victoria Goring – CA
  • The Potato and the Wax, by Chelsea Sutton – Studio City, CA
  • Unstageable, by Lila Dupree – Los Angeles, CA
  • Peggy, by Paula Goldberg – Dallas, Texas
  • Performance Review, by Nedra Pezold Roberts – Atlanta, Georgia
  • One Loud Little Chicken, by Nancy Cooper Frank – San Francisco, CA
  • Shoes, by Jen Huszcza – Los Angeles, CA
  • Camping Out, by Anne Flanagan – Los Angeles, CA

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