Proud Mamma

~by Tiffany Antone

Last night was our one and only tech/dress rehearsal.  (The thing about a theatre showing you its good graces by giving you a space and doing marketing for you and generally just being awesome about your hairbrained scheme to ask 8 directors, 9 playwrights, and over twenty actors to play nice together is that you have to take what you can carve from their already over-extended calendar.)

I walked into the theatre a basket case nerves, but walked out with a basket full of gratitude…

It works!

The shows are all so varied and engaging and full of artful surprises…

And nobody died! (Well, not for reals anyway – there are a number of… unusual… stage deaths in the show)

And sure, there were the moments when I wanted to strangle a few people – tech being an ants-in-the-pants director’s nightmare – but the show is alive!

And it’s great!

And I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved.

So if you haven’t bought tix yet, you should buy them NOW.   The plays are wonderful and the performances inspired, and you’re going to walk out of that theater one happy camper!


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