The Line Up…

by Tiffany Antone

Well, it’s finally here… We’re just a few sly days away from Dirty Laundry!

Do you have your tickets yet?

Oh so many (or five) months ago when I sent out the call for plays, I had no idea what I was going to wind up with.  I knew that the playwrights I was asking to participate would turn in some fantastic stuff, but would the pieces go together?  Would I have to weed them down?  I had, after all, invited 14 wild women to write – surely I would have a hell of a time trying to select just 8 plays from that number!

Then life took over and made some of those decisions for me.  Unfortunately 5 of the playwrights I had invited to participate had been unable to get anything new written, and of the 9 plays that were submitted, a few were quite under the 10 page limit… which meant I could fit all 9 into the lineup.

Also, each of the plays totally ROCKED!

And so I barely had to bat an eye to get directors on board, and then actors, and I’ve been happily watching the show take shape ever since.  So how about I tell you a little bit about each one:

COLOR SEPARATION, by Jennie Webb: A woman daunted by options, and a man excited by ownership, discuss family, facebook, and coffee makers, as they debate their decision to put a very important choice up for poll on the world wide web.  Directed by Kate Hawkes

THE FACE IN THE MIRROR, by Micki Shelton:  Sorting through their deceased mother’s belongings strands two sisters amongst their shared but conflicting family memories.  Directed by Gail Mangham

DIRTY LAUNDRY, by Katherine James:  Sara and Abe would be perfect for each other… if only she didn’t want to sue his parents for the grotesque injury she sustained at their house… and if only Abe wasn’t hiding his own dirty little secret…  Directed by Jean Lippincott

DIRTY LAUNDRY, by Kate Hawkes:  D doesn’t understand her daughter… especially when she insists on doing the laundry in a painted up old shack in the back yard, complete with mysterious stains and acting as though she’s hiding something...  Directed by Jon Meyer

MONA LISA, APPROXIMATELY, by Charlotte Winters: Cecily Walker-Banks and Mortimer D. Thrillington find themselves in a private viewing room with the Mona Lisa… and a felt tip pen.  Directed by Layla Tenney


RINSE, by Jen Huszcza: Three men, an interrogation room, and… divine intervention?  A play about the struggle between faith and following orders. Directed by Cason Murphy

(touch.), by Sara Israel:  Five strangers find that language isn’t the only way to communicate in this play about discovering common (and humorous) ground in a doctor’s waiting room. Directed by Charissa Menefee

SOUR FRUIT, written and directed by Tiffany Antone:  What happens when the front runner for Presidential office discovers that she’s pregnant?  Political prowess hits the glass ceiling and brings gender roles into sharp focus.

RING AROUND THE COLLAR, By Shanee Edwards:  Krista met Ben online.  Then Ben took Krista to Olive Garden.  But Ben never called Krista back.  Now Krista wants answers, and she’s willing to keep Ben locked in his apartment until he gives them to her!  Directed by Karen Murphy

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