We’re Not Playing: a new play by Amber Bosworth

Not PlayingAmber is a relatively new playwright, but only because she didn’t know there was a wordsmith within her actor self just dying to escape!  I am SO happy that she’s decided to let her words out – first with our 2016 ONSTAGE Fest, and now with a short play for We’re Not Playing.  When she contacted me with the play, she included the note:

“When I first heard about (We’re Not Playing), I wanted to write this piece but I got sidetracked.  After the results of the election, I was motivated to finally write the piece I wanted.  I will not be silent anymore.”

I almost stood up and cheered! 

Then I read Amber’s beautifully conceived (and written) play and wept.  Maybe it’s because I am a new mother, but the play – which addresses the inherent power of children to see the good in everything – left me gasping for air.  I know I won’t be the only one.  This election has done a lot of damage to how many of us see the world.  As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, I find myself thankful that there are still so many people working for good, and for playwrights like Amber who are creating art which aims to help us see humanity clearer in the hopes that we may be better humans ourselves.

Amber Bosworth on her play, UNDER THE INFLUENCE

Amber BosworthNo one is born to hate.  We all come into this world as a blank canvas.  Family, friends, media and experiences shape the way we see the world.  This piece speaks to the complete lack of letting anyone see what they want to see.  Everyone is so quick to offer their own opinion without acknowledging that someone else is allowed to have their own.  The little girl, Emily, is all of us.  We were all innocent at one time and were influenced by the people and media in our lives to see something different than what we want.  I think we have all been influenced in some way no matter how small.  My hope is that we can recognize when this is happening and still keep our own vision.

More about Amber:

Amber Bosworth has been committed to theater since she was a kid. She served five years in the US Navy as an Air Traffic Controller to help pay for college. She now works for Lockheed Martin Flight Service and spends most of her free time writing and acting on any stage that will have her. She has been involved with Seatbelts Required, Harvey, Dead Mans Cell Phone, and Educating Rita.  Her first love has always been writing.  After twenty years of following the sensible path, Amber has finally started to follow her dream as a writer.  She is getting her Masters in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.  Amber is excited and humbled to be apart of Little Black Dress INK.

You can read our 2016 ONSTAGE interview with Amber HERE.

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