We’re Not Playing: a play by Tiffany Antone

Not PlayingWell, what can I say?  Getting back on track after last week’s festival-craziness (coupled with the sheer insanity of “OMG, I’m travelling with an infant, for the first time, on my own!” whirlwind) has taken longer than I thought.  I wrote a blog post a few months ago about how the baby and my penchant for over-committing myself to things have been in opposition lately, so I won’t belabor the point again here – but let me just say that keeping all of the LBDI balls rolling has been a challenge.  Never a question – just a challenge.  And doing so in a timely manner… well…

In any case, we have a FANTASTICALLY fun play by Rhea MacCallum to share with you – but because I didn’t ask her to write a little introduction for it until, oh, yesterday, it’s not ready to post.  Instead (and because I don’t want to skip a week!) I’m sharing a play I wrote a few years ago about a woman running for president.  I have a feeling the piece won’t be as relevant in a few months, because (if the polls are right) we’ll have our first ever woman president (trememdously exciting!) and my little play will be old-hat (t0 a degree) – but the double standard witnessed in this election has been brutal and so I’m sharing this piece in tribute to that.  (If you don’t believe me, just read this article about sexism in high-school debates, or this article about why Hillary is held to such different standards than Trump.)

And yes, I’ve been tooling around on a piece actually inspired by this insane election cycle, but the baby (yes, that adorable little time-taker) and my students and the ONSTAGE fest have made finishing it a challenge.  I do hope to share it before our We’re Not Playing Initiative closes, but in the meantime, here’s Sour Fruit.


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