We’re Not Playing: A poem, an update, and a few more plays…

were-not-playing-headerWelcome to 2017, everybody!  We hope that your holiday season provided you a merry respite from the political distress many of us have been feeling.  It’s January, and that means Inauguration Day, which means artists participating in our We’re Not Playing Initiative are gearing up to ruffle their creative feathers.

Readings are scheduled for Los Angeles, CA; Prescott, AZ; Sedona, AZ; Bainbridge Island, WA; and Galesburg, IL, with a few more still negotiating space/locations (proving it’s not too late to join the Initiative for those of you just now hearing about us!)

In addition to our event there are other artists and arts organizations rallying to show solidarity in the face of an incoming administration deep into divisive and destructive policy: WriteOurDemocracy (Multiple locations, January 15th), The Ghostlight Project (Multiple locations, January 19th) Both of these notable events are nationwide and may be taking place in your area, so check their websites for more info if you’re interested!

Meanwhile, we’re going to wrap up our play-shares with two final piece by Allie Costa (the girl has a voice!) and a poem by Arizona artist, Martha Entin.

If you have a We’re Not Playing reading slated for your community and haven’t yet reached out to tell us, please do!  We’ll help promote your event and cheer you on from afar.  Thanks again to all of our fabulous playwrights who shared such powerful plays with us these past few months, and to our readers/fans/co-creators who continue to support this Initiative!

Here are 2 more powerful plays by Allie Costa

And a beautiful creative close from poet, Martha Entin:

MARTHA ENTIN, poet, teacher, artist, playwright, loves collaborative creation. She has read poetry at Poets‘ Corner, Sedona Art Center and Pump House Prose and Poetry events, and teaches a creative writing class, “Writing Our Way to Happiness” at OLLI. She has co-written plays for 24-Hour Theatre, and had her play “Soul Tattoo” performed in August 2016 with the fabulous cast Nichole Garrison, Linda Damita and Mike Cosentino.

“Writing is a vehicle for freeing our voice to soar on wings of creativity. I write to discover what lies beneath the surface; to bring beauty and transcendence to the ordinary.”

You can read more plays from the Initiative HERE.







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