ONSTAGE Playwrights 2016: Meet Sharon Goldner

Little Black Dress INK is having a torrid love affair with Sharon Goldner’s work!  She’s been an ONSTAGE Playwright 3 years in a row, and each of her pieces has elicited squeals of laughter from our audiences.  Maybe its because she so hilariously gives voice to some of our most embarrassing inner critiques – and then assigns them to body parts like a boss!  Of course, Sharon writes about a lot of different subjects, but we’ve spent the last three years guffawing at overconfident sperm, a chatty vagina, and now a snarky pair of boobs…

What will this hilarious writer come up with next?  We’re hoping it’s a whole evening of talking body part plays…

Sharon GoldnerTitle of Play: 

Why did you decide to submit your work to the ONSTAGE Project? 
This is my third acceptance (in a row!) with LittleBlackDress INK. Tiffany Antone is my theatre goddess, and I must constantly submit to her. She really does answer playwright prayers.

Describe your writing space:
My writing space is everyplace and anywhere … I do the creation thing on paper & pen, and then, transcribe into the computer.

If you could have lunch with any playwright alive or dead, who would it be and what would you have for lunch?
Lunch with a playwright would have to be with every little kid who has ever written a play and gotten the neighborhood kids to put on the show. Somebody has to tell these theatre tykes how good they rock. As far as the meal, what do kids eat? Grilled cheese sandwiches and candy I guess, though if we are talking bubble gum, I can definitely stuff the most pieces in my mouth and blow the grandest bubble. Sorry kids. My name is Sharon & I am a gum addict.

Why do you write for theatre?
I write for theatre because of the collaborative effort that goes into a reading and/or a production. Directors, producers, stage managers, actors, crews, costume/scene designers all get to add their something special to the thing I started. It’s truly the coolest place to kick something off & watch grow bigger and better than your wildest expectations.

Who is your favorite fictional character of all time and why?
Charlie Bucket from Roald Dahl’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is my favorite fictional character of all time. This was the first time (age 8) I realized how magical the alphabet was.

Do you have any upcoming productions elsewhere that our readers should know about?
My play, Frank Talk, has been chosen by the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival for a July 2016 run at The Strand Theater Company. I am honored & thrilled.

Please share the synopsis for a full-length of yours that our readers should know about!
I’ll tell you about Frank Talk … Rumors of Anne Frank’s death have been highly exaggerated.

More about Sharon:

Sharon Goldner started out her life’s lunacy as a thumb sucker & pal to two of the greatest imaginary friends ever, KaKa & LeeLee.  When thumb sucking & imaginary friends were no longer cool, she switched  over to gum chewing and  short story writing, for which she is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, with over thirty stories published worldwide.  Segueing to playwriting, she’s had plays produced Off Broadway to Los Angeles and everywhere in-between.  Her plays have been published in collections and she’s won a bunch of awards, plus, a playwriting fellowship all the way in Canada, which proves that being an English major is not a totally useless thing.  This is Sharon’s third stint with the glorious Tiffany Antone and Little Black Dress INK, for which she is truly grateful.  Please note, no letters of the alphabet are ever harmed in any of Sharon’s writing.

You can follow Sharon on Twitter @SharGoldner

Don’t miss Sharon’s play, July 14-16, at Acadiana Repertory Theatre’s production of this year’s ONSTAGE Festival: Curves Ahead.

Curves Ahead -ART

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